Long Online Classes? Can't Meet Friends? Anxious and Stressed? Get Power Mentors to show you how to handle this.

25/09/2020 4:00 pm

2 hours over 2 sessions

6 participants

School Students: 8th to 12th Grade


About the mentor

Usha Ramky

Usha Ramakrishnan

As a passionate life-skills trainer and mentor, Usha’s vision is to enable and impart life-skills for people across multiple segments and strata. She holds a Masters in Philosophy in Women Studies from Mother Teresa University, Kodaikanal, South India. After a decade and half with Multinational Bank, she brought her leadership skills to empowering others. Usha then spent the next decade and a half in life-coaching. She has addressed tens of thousands of students on various life related subjects and also helps individual students identify their shortcomings, overcome challenges and move towards success, through one-on-one counselling.

About this session

MentorSpace series of workshops are action oriented with clear cut objectives for participants.

MentorSpace workshop on Online Classes? Can’t Meet Friends? Anxious and Stressed? – Get Power Mentors to show you the way out is going to be a 2 hour long workshop spread over 2 sessions addressing the most important aspects to deal with the stress of Online classes and the anxiety related with the Covid situation for school children.

Key takeaways

Session 1:

How to deal with the effects of the pandemic.
Points to practice and ways to have a hold on your Stress.

Session 2: 

Learn how to manage your time better and have a better hold on long online sessions.
Points to practice and keep in mind with respect to your ‘time’.

Invite your friends and make the most of the group mentoring session

Additional benefits

  1. During the course of the workshop, you will get access to MentorSpace discussion groups where you can pitch in with your ideas and problem areas and our team will provide the necessary support.
  2. Worksheets for future reference
  3. Certificate of Completion

How to make most of this workshop?

Come prepared – To have a great mentoring session, come prepared with the specific areas where you would require inputs.

Value the mentor and co-mentees’ time – Since this is a group mentoring session respect the time of mentor and other mentees; the same way you would expect your time to be respected.

Be open to feedback – The key objective of this mentoring session is a better YOU!

Take a follow on session – To transform yourself and reach your goals, multiple sessions might be required. If you feel this session was useful, try a more intense 1-on-1 session with the mentor.