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Here are a few things you could do...

Explore our range of Mentors from the [email protected] to broaden your knowledge about various industries, understand what future jobs look like and explore career paths. These experts will help you be better prepared for your future. 

Connect with our Life Coaches who can help you explore your strengths, passions, help you tackle obstacles in your path and understand what is the best academic stream/group to pursue based on your interests. Our coaches come with high expertise in these spheres. 

Reach out to our Mentor Counsellors to address pain areas, to have a better handle on managing your relationships, deal with peer pressure and build your self esteem. Our counsellors are certified and have a wide range of experience. 

Featured mentors


Ed Valenzuela

Former Partner/Managing Director, Accenture USA

Sandeep Sareen

Sandeep Sareen

Former Executive Vice President at IndusInd Bank

Karen Walls

Karen Walls

Founder, Karen Walls Associates 

Bubly Devarajan

Bubly Devarajan

Experienced Clinical Psychologist & Counsellor

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